redbeanbun at the movies: pina with caitlyn et al

This movie was a gem. It was a love-letter on film. It was amazing.



But seriously though, it made excellent use of 3-D. They used it to develop the depth of field, rather than to have crazy effects. It did mean that it cost more, but I think that's okay, because it was really beautiful and interesting.

It was mostly focused on the dances, with some dialogues explaining the processes behind the choreography. I don't know, guys, I really want to get into some weird crap about movement vocabulary and interpretations of emotion and exploring nonvertical space, BUT I ALSO WANT YOU TO KEEP LOVING ME.

So, go see this, if it's in a theater near you, and if you're not "the type of person who likes modern dance," drink first. Or, you know, whatever you do. I don't want you to think I'm encouraging you to drink (I am, but I don't want you to think that).

Anyway, I saw this with five other people, about half having some sort of background in dance, and EVERYONE loved it. It was really amazing, and beautiful, and I was very moved by the whole thing. All of us agreed that the line, "THIS is VEAL!!!!" - one of the only instances in the film where you actually see someone's mouth moving to the words they're speaking - was pretty much the coolest.

Oh, that reminds me. Something that I thought was truly awesome about this movie was that Wim Wenders, in interviewing the dancers of Pina Bausch's company, seemingly allowed all of them to speak in their native languages. I found this to be really interesting, largely because it created a question in my mind as to whether all of them even spoke the same language, and if that was even necessary for them to create the pieces that they did.

They were some intensely beautiful pieces, y'all. Some really fascinating movement.

One of these days, I'm going to write a review of something that I really hate, and you're all going to be shocked and confused. Honestly, so will I, because I love pretty much all things. It means I have the best taste, because I have ALL the taste.