things you should read, now that i have a tumblr edition

First and foremost, this is a thing that I have actually thought about doing, but probably would not do as awesome as this.

I love Overheard in New York. I don't think that I've ever linked it here before, and that is a shame, because it's great.

You can follow the Dalai Lama on Google+.

If you want scientific excuses for why it's totally fine for you to shout obscenities when you stub your toe, LOOK NO FURTHER! I have just the article for you, just there.

Racialicious ran this excellent response to an article on rape culture.

According to YouTube charts, JUSTIN BEIBER IS THE WINNER. OF LIFE.

Hey Girl, It's Ryan Gosling not doing it for you? Try Hey Girl, It's Rachel Maddow on for size.

I don't remember if I put this in the SOTU stuff (and am too lazy to check, and also this is awesome and let's just all look at it again regardless, forever): Chad Ochocinco live-tweeted (twat?) the State of the Union. Adorably. Except for the part where that seems like it is probably the government-knowledge level shared by most citizens, generally. But the part with Boehner just makes me want to giggle.

A neat interactive graphic about the history of Google, but also about the history of the internet - guys, remember Hamster Dance? Remember? Ah, those were certainly our halcyon days.

This is how I feel most days.

And when I feel like that, I go to this page and scroll up and down for about twenty minutes.

Do you have a tumblr? Let's be friends or whatever you call it over there, whippersnappers!

And, thanks, Neatorama: here's a fat bunny eating a banana.