more things worth reading!

So, that girl I just told you about, whose blog I said you should read? She has this amazing post on The F Bomb (from like, a billion years ago, /shame) that you should also read.

If I have to explain to you what is so great about this, I just... I can't. I can't explain. It is inherently great.

Ah, just for balance, let's try on a discussion of some really questionable science on for size! Yeughhhh.

Woah! Dudes! Did you know! The singer behind Supermodel, the song in the opening sequence of Clueless, penned a much better "I Kissed a Girl" FIFTEEN YEARS AGO? Why was I not a teenager in the early 90s? I would've been so about the whole riotgrrl thing.

I normally don't particularly like Katherine Heigl, but this informative video about neutering your pets makes me like her a bit. Kind of how I liked her back when she was on Grey's before they killed that hot guy she was in love with for NO REASON WHATSOEVER. Stupid Grey's.

I want need to see this documentary. There are some really interesting points in the comments section about the ableist nature of the Jezebel article, as well as commentary on why is it that all things about sex work seem to be men-buy-women-sell when women (gasp!) also enjoy sex and may not, for whatever reason, have a partner when they are in the mood? Anyway, food for thought there.

This is one of my favorite things on GFY, and I will always read through these. I feel like I've seen Ringer. I have never watched it. BOOM. SUCCESS. I will be so sad if they stop doing them.

Today's link mashup has been brought to you, clearly, largely by Jezebel. Some days I love Jez, some days I hate it, but I read it either way.